The Spreewald Tour

Tour description

This tour of the Lower Spreewald reserve is a ride that starts from Lübben going north to the quiet town of the Halbe. 

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On the way you will hear stories about the local culture and nature. The Spreewald is one of a kind nature reserve with more than 1,500 km of water ways, locally known as 'water streets'. The region is reach with wild life, and is a heaven for bird watchers and other nature lovers. 

The total distance we will ride is about 40 km. Most of it is easy gravel, but there is also a lot of asphalt. Along the way there will be an opportunity to stop in one of the biergartens and a lunch stop in one of the traditional restaurant in Schlepzig. 

Price: 370 Euro per group guiding fee + 20 Euro per person for bike rental and travel costs