The Potsdam Tour

The Prussian city of palaces and gardens


There is something special about Potsdam. It's calming and majestic. One can easily understand why the various princes and kings of the Hohenzollern family loved building their palaces and gardens here.  Cycling between the beautiful oaks and ancient sycamores you can almost here composers such as Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach walking around humming a new baroque composition. 

A bicycle tour in Potsdam is also a wonderful opportunity to give Friedrich the Great a psychoanalysis, going deep into the stories of his teenage years, and the adventures he had later as a king. 

In this tour we will cycle around the palaces of Cecilienhof and Sancouci. We will also get an opportunity to stand on Glienicke Brücke, the so-called Bridge of Spies. 

 Price: 300 Euro per group guiding fee + 15 Euro per person for bike rental and travel costs