The Berlin Wall Trail - two days of 80 km each


A two days ride along the course of the former GDR border fortifications

With a total riding distance of a little more than 160 km, this is a ride for medium fit cyclists. 

Each riding day is approximately 80 km. 

The price per day per group is 370 Euro, plus 15 Euro per person for bike rental. 

About two thirds of the trail is paved, other parts are gravel and some cobble stones. Therefore, we use trekking bikes. Although these are not MTB bikes, they are more comfortable on the less smooth surfaces. 

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In more detail...

This is a unique tour, where you will gain in depth understanding of the fortification that encircled West Berlin. The route is rich with history, commemorating the victims of the Wall, but also allowing visitors to better understand the border fortification and its impact it had on the lives of people on both sides of border. This is no regular visit to a museum, as today the route crosses beautiful country side scenery of lakes and forests. 


Every Wall ride is a unique adventure

The Berlin Wall is not an easy story. But it is one that fascinates us still. Riding the Berlin Wall Trail is different every time. In every season the scenery around us looks different, from year to year the city and its suburbs develop in areas where once the concrete wall stood, and of course every time we cycle the trail we learn new things. 

Some of the highlights of the tour: 

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Checkpoint Bravo
  • The Bridge of Spies (Glienicke Brücke)
  • The Japanese Cherry Blossom 
  • The official Memorial for Berlin Wall at Bernauer Straße. 
  • East Side Gallery 
  • and Böse Brücke - where the gates of Wall first opened on the evening of the 9th of November 1989.

and many others