The Berlin wall Trail - 160 km in one day!


Complete the entire Berlin Wall Trail in one day!

Cycling a 160 km (100 miles) in day is never easy. Completing the entire length of Berlin Wall in one day an achievement you never forget!!!

About two thirds of the trail is paved, other parts are gravel and some cobble stones. Therefore, we use trekking bikes. Although these are not MTB bikes, they are more comfortable on the less smooth surfaces.  

The price per day per group is 700 Euro, plus 15 Euro per person for bike rental. 

(the price includes 12 hours of tour, guiding fees, VAT, insurance and admin fees)


The day in details

We will start the day early, to avoid morning traffic as we ride through the part of the city that separated east and west Berlin. We continue along the south part with a short coffee break. Around mid-day we arrive at Wannsee, where we take the ferry to Kladow. After a short lunch break, we continue along the western part all the way north and back to the city. 


Some of the places we see along the trail

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Checkpoint Brave
  • The Bridge of Spies (Glienicke Brücke)
  • Böse Brücke - where the gates of Wall first opened on the 9th of November, 1989
  • The site of the fist part of the Wall constructed in 1956!
  • The lakes of Berlin - Wannsee, Tegelersee, etc. 

and many others