Run and tour

The concept

The tours are mostly designed for running clubs and groups on a corporate trip to Berlin. If your party is here for one of Berlin's races, or just want to enjoy your holiday without taking a break from running, then why not go for a guided running tour with a professional tour guide? 

Tailored to your needs

The runs are private tours, which means you get to decide where to meet, which route to do, what time, and how far we run. 

The aim is to have fun running together, learn about the places we run in (I've been guiding professionally and full time in Berlin since 2010), and of course we will run in almost every weather condition; probably below -10c and above 36c we will have to cancel our run, taking our safety in consideration. 

My personal experience

 Berlin is without a doubt one of the most important running capitals of the world. The city is largely flat, and has many beautiful options for those passionate for running.  

Running here is so much fun that I even managed to run my first marathon. I like to joke sometimes that in the marathon I ran, my hero Haile Gebrselassi participated in the same race: he was first, and I was somewhere in one of the last groups :) 

I ran another marathon after that (Tiberias Marathon in 2011) and many half-marathons in and around Berlin. 

In the autumn of 2012 I took a few days off from work and ran the 160 Km of the Berlin Wall Trail. I occasionally stopped to take pictures of the many Info signs, and endured lots of rain and the seasonal gusts of wind. This will probably remain one of the most memorable experiences of my life. 

I still run as often as I can near the canals and around the lakes, and am happy to guide you and share that love of running. 

The Runs by boroughs

Mitte and Tiergarten

This is a classic 7-8 Km run, which includes some of the most important highlights of Berlin. We'll be running by the Victory Column (Siegesäule), Berlin's Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), and the German Chancellery (Bundeskanzleramt) - also known as the Washing Machine, the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the Museum Island and other famous sites.  


The central eastern borough of Berlin is where I trained for my first Marathon in 2008. I have special love for running in this beautiful borough. The run includes places such as Boxhagener Platz, Karl Marx Allee, East Side Gallery, and others. 


This run presents the many faces of Kreuzberg. Once a central Berlin workers district, it is today probably the most diverse and colourful borough in Berlin. It is even different from one neighbourhood to the next. Which is why running between Schlesiches Tor to Bergmann Kiez is the best way to get to know Kreuzberg. 

Charlottenburg and Schöneberg

These two western boroughs hold many more or less hidden corners. This run includes such sites as Albert Einstein's and Billy Wilder's old neighbourhoods, the Palace of Charlottenburg (Schloss Charlottenburg), and Rathaus Schöneberg - where John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech in 1963, which is incidentally where my late grandpa use to go for runs in the 1920s. 

Mitte and Wedding

This one is a bit of known secret for runners who live and train in the north of Mitte and in Wedding. The Panke Canal cuts through from the Charite University Hospital, all the way to the film studios in the bustling Bad Straße area. 


Prenzlauerberg is known, among other things, as the borough where more than 300 buildings survived the bombings of the Second World War, but also as the area where more new Berliners are born than anywhere else in the city. Although the word Berg (mountain) is a bit of an exaggeration (the highest point is 91 m) this run will be climbing from the famous Kollwitz Platz, through Mauer Park and finish at Böse Brücke, where the gates of the Berlin Wall first opened on the evening of the 9th of November 1989. If requested, I am also happy to guide this tour running downhill... 


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