Evening walking tours



Why do a walking tour in the evening? Fair enough, that’s a good question. Here are the advantages I’ve considered during nearly 10 years of guiding in Berlin 

Long summer evenings

 Between May and August there is plenty of light until after 21:00! You can arrive tired from a flight in the late morning, rest a bit and still have an opportunity to go for a tour without having this feeling that your day was wasted.  

Shop first, tour after

On the same note, maybe you’re the kind of tourists who prefers to go shopping or visit a museum in the morning. 

Not everyone together!

At the end of the second decade of the 21st Century more than 14 Million people visit Berlin every year. This number does not include my parents and all other travellers who visit their friends and family. There is nothing wrong with wanting to visit the main attractions of a destination you never been to before. It is also fair that others want to visit these places, but why do it all at the same time? In a normal July, when 2 Million people visit Berlin, I often recommend to my guests to come back and visit places like Check Point Charlie or the Brandenburg Gate in the late evening. Trust me, everything looks and feels different! 

Tour in the cool afternoon hours

I heard this Berlin joke once. It goes: summer is the most beautiful week in the year… Unfortunately, in the last few summers this joke stopped being funny, it gets warm, very warm. An evening tour when the temperatures are dropping can make your walking tour a lot more enjoyab

Best light for photography

And last, but not necessarily least, buildings simply look different in the evening when the sun is shining from a different direction.  

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